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U4 U5 U6 Northville Rules

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Laws of the Game Referee Handbook


A copy of the rules (called the Laws of the Game) can be found at the website for US Soccer.


Jewelry of any kind is not permitted during a game.  This includes ear rings, rope bracelets or any object used to hold long hair in place that have hard beads or sharp edges. Parents you will be asked to remove your player’s piercing.

Soccer is a contact sport. The impact of a ball or elbow to the right location can drive the post of a piercing into the delicate area of the neck causing sever damage nerves. Rope bracelets have cut into other players.

Common regulation questions

Weather related game cancellation

You will play in all weather, except for lightning or hearing thunder. Coaches may not cancel a game. Only a referee, city official or club official may cancel a game the day of a game. Reschedules are limited, but are allowed, provided they are arranged in advance and through your Coach/Player Representative. Reschedule games due to weather must be completed with a week or by the end of season. Non-weather related reschedules must be complete 72 hours prior to game, no exceptions.


The first sign of lightning or upon hearing of thunder or if clouds look threatening; the game or practice must be canceled. Practices may restart based on the American Red Cross guide lines of 30 continuous minutes of not hearing thunder or sighting of lightning. The safety of our children will always be first. Read up on lightning safety at:


NSA encourages all coaches to stay current with First Aid and CPA certifications.



Game Protests

Referee judgment is final and cannot be protested!  Protests will be entertained on rule violations only. A $50 fee (payable to WSSL) is required with the protest and is due to Steve McGuirk Administrator, within 24 hours of the game (248) 662-5159. Should you win your protest, your $50 will be returned.

When should you protest? Only consider a protest if there is an incorrect application of a Law, i.e., direct vs an indirect kick resulting in a goal. Keep in mind by winning a protest, you must replay the game you will not be given  win.  If you have not read the WSSL Laws, do so, all coaches need to be familiar with the rules and must carry a copy with them. Protesting a referee decision about a foul or a through-in is not a winnable protest. As a coach, we are teachers of our players and our youth referees. Focus your energies on your players not the referees. Respect the referee’s decisions. Engaging in discussion of the explanation of the rule at half-time or at the end of the game is proper. Have them teach you what they know.


Cold weather gear


Sweat pants are allowed.  Long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts underneath the
uniform jersey are allowed.  Hooded sweatshirts are discouraged, or at least
the hood must be tucked underneath the uniform shirt.  The hood constitutes
a danger if someone should grab a hold of it.  Also allowable are mittens,
soft gloves, knit ski caps, and head band liners used as ear protectors.

Not permitted is anything hard or unyielding.  

  - Tom Beyersdorf - NSA Referee-in-Chief