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Players Registered for Fall 2018


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Player Concussion Form

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Schedules 2018 Fall

Not all U8 & younger teams

have Sunday games

Check the "Player Registrated.." list.

Games Start  Sept 8  < >  End  Oct 28


    U6 and younger teams times are for practices then game

    The number behind a team name is their division:

    Saturday’s Division "1" and Sunday’s Division "2""

    NSA supplies uniform. U8 and younger Players bring:

    Shin guards, water and a size 3 ball.  



Age Group      Games day & time         

U4 Div 1             Sat. 9:30 AM                  Schedule

U4 Div 2             Sun. 1:00 PM                 Schedule

U5 Div 1             Sat. 11:00 AM                Schedule

U5 Div 2             Sun. 2:15 PM                 Schedule

U6 Girls  Div 1    Sat. 3:30 PM                  Schedule

U6 Girls  Div 2    Sun.  3:30 PM                Schedule

U6 Boys Div 1    Sat. 2:00 PM                  Schedule

U6 Boys Div 2    Sun.  3:30 PM                Schedule

U7 Girls  Div 2    Sun. 3:30 PM                  Schedule

U7 Boys Div 1    Sat. 9:00 AM                  Schedule

U7 Boys Div 2    Sun. 2:00 PM                 Schedule

U8 Girls  Div 2    Sun. 3:30 PM                Schedule

U8 Boys Div 1    Sat. 2:00 PM                  Schedule



U9 & older WSSL Team Schedules • Spring


Practice Assignments U7 & older • Spring


Map for soccer fields for U4 U5 U6


Map for soccer fields for U7 and older teams


Map All Fields (Northville Home games)


WSSL link to other communities website for maps



Bring to every game and practice:

Shin guards, water bottle, inflated soccer ball, and

Cleats (U7 and under flat tennis shoes acceptable).


Parent please read these Codes of Conducts  

   Parents     Coaches      Players


Fields for U4-U6  Millennium Park Map

Fields for U7 and older  NC Park Map



Rush Jr. Academy Program

Form for registration




Soccer Skills

    (right mouse click to open in new tab)

   New York Red Bulls Soccer Moves


Parenting sites for Athletes:  

 Growing Leaders… “I love to see you Play!”

 Baseline Concussion Pre-Event Test


Televised games listings:  

   TV soccer games Listings

   Fox Soccer Channel’s TV Listings

   Soccer America’s Listings 

   Gol TV Listings


Soccer News Sites

 Premiership Barclays

 World Cup FIFA  

  US Soccer  National

 Women’s Professional Soccer  WPS

  Wikipedia of FIFA World Cup

  Guardian Soccer News

  World Soccer News BBC 

  Women’s & Men’s Schedule

  Football Association England

  German Football DFD

  Irish Football News

  Scottish FA


  Major League Soccer News

  Northville High School’s Schedules

  National Geographic World Cup Article  June 2006



There is a benefit to watching soccer games. The act of visualizing the moves of the world class players has shown to be as if your child had completed a normal practice. Involve your children by follow some of the games and or  players. English soccer is very entertaining, Wayne Rooney or David Beckham have their qualities that are easy to spot. Currently the FA cup is on in England. Check out the drama and excitement of these games. Click here for FA Cup details…



Coach’s  Column

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Coach’s  Meeting


Sept 4th

Total Soccer Novi - Grandriver & Meadowbrook

6:55PM U4-5-6-7    &   8:15PM U8 and older


Uniforms will distributed Mandatory meeting.

Head Coach, Assistants need to attend.


Recreational Director   Angel Calzadilla  

Coaching Sessions…Click here




Coach Requirements & Links


       Coaches (Head and Assistant) must have completed

       their RM and Concussion Certificate, before the

       first practice. Assistants must be listed on Rosters.


   Referee Missing Report


     Rescheduling process  for  WSSL


    Team Photo Reservation (Fall Only) Click Here


    Concussion certified page  


    Video with certification approval link


    Risk Management Coach Registration here…

        After registering, go back in under the coaches

          link (remember your Password and Username) and

          complete the process for the background check:

    Risk Management Card Access (PDF)…


     Uniform Issues (Google Form)


     Practice Field Request Form


     U7 & older Practice Assignments Schedules


     Coach’s Conflict Form for WSSL Coaches 


     List of Players (last season)


     Recreation Teams Last Season Results


     Select team current season results  


     Premier Schedule 


     State Cup Girls Schedule


     Best Practices “ click to download 


     BBC’s Skills site  


    Coaching Session


    Northville Library DVDs and Books


    Rush Jr. Academy program signing up


    Sport Psychology  Dr. Dan Freigang


    Making Dreams Come True by  Dr. Freigang

 Did you know the…1,204 is the number of Florida high school students who take physical-education courses online: *Harper’s Index Nov. 2003     


 Hillside Middle School Forum Room


 Hillside Middle School Forum Room



























 Hillside Middle School Forum Room













 Hillside Middle School Forum Room

Hillside Middle School Forum Room


 Hillside Middle School Forum Room


NV Cup 2008  32nd Event







Coaching Conflict form for U9 and Older Coaches













       Please report any broken links or website related problems to: 248 662-5159


Calendar NSA’s   click here to see. Currently inactive.



Field Status

Rain out Hotline

(248) 449-9951


Parks and Rec will update the message above based on field conditions for the MP, NCP game fields. Only the last update will be will be on the rain out field status line.  Coaches please encourage your parents to call the number above before heading out to their home game and be courteous and notify the visiting team’s coach as soon as possible of a canceled game.



NSA Main Phone

248 662-5159


Map of Practice and Game Fields


Map of Fields (for Home games)


Weather loop of the USA

 Aurora Prediction Map

Northville Forecast

Multi Weather Map

Wind Global View

Wind Currents of the USA

Satellite Image

Global view of Weather

Radar National


Weather Mid-West Loop with Temps


Weather local loop Radar

Great Lakes weather Radar loop

NOAA Local Radar

Lightning Safety

Sunrise Sunset


US Youth Coaching Connection

US Youth Region II

Bylaws for NSA 501 C 3 Corp





NSA Main Phone

(248) 662-5159







Other Important numbers

Poison Control (800) 222-1222







 Google Maps





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